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Feb 24, 2013 7:00pm EST
. >> is that where i >> next on the tv, trevor aaronson says since 9/11 the fbi has built up a network of over 15,000 informant and muslim communities around the u.s. he argues these informants spearhead phony terror plots which are then exposed by the fbi with great fanfare to make it look like the was doing a good job of keeping us safe. mr. aaronson is joined by coadjutor mother jones magazine. this is in our 15. [applause] >> thank you so much for coming out. trevor and i spend a lot of time together working on the project and its fantastic to see a full-blown menace spoke. i assume you will all be walking out with a copy, but in case you haven't fully digested it coming and, i'd like to draw trevor at a little bit on how this came about because this is a man who spent more than a year of his life on freedom of information act documents from the fbi. how did this come about? how did you start going down this rabbit hole? >> and started for me in 2006. i was a reporter in miami and there was a case involving seven and from liberty city and at first it seemed initially to me roberto gonzalez ca
Feb 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
duped, the fbi commander orders the armored closer to the building to tighten the noose. but it only seems to antagonize koresh. >> your organization in this united states of america is a liar. you're saying peace with your mouth, but your words are words of a dragon. >> as a negotiator i would have preferred to go back to koresh again and again, trying to get him to live up to what he had promised to do rather than taking an action that only gave him ammunition to be more angry at us. >> reporter: the negotiators are now fighting on two fronts. >> hello? >> reporter: trying to calm david koresh -- >> you're just schmoozing me, trying use psychology on me. >> reporter: and trying to talk their own bosses out of overreacting. >> sometimes there's this compelling thing we call action imperative where authorities feel they have to do something to be seen as decisive and in charge. and when you're compelled to do that, you often end up doing the wrong thing. >> reporter: koresh isn't making it easy. he claims to have weapons that can penetrate the armored personnel carriers, which he cal
Feb 21, 2013 5:30pm EST
,000 fbi and other agents off the job and 70,000 preschoolers dropped from head start. next week the president will hit the road to highlight what the white house called the real world impact of these cuts including lost jobs. abc news washington. >> now if an agreement isn't reached in time more than 100,000 federal employees right here in the state could have their salaries cut. >> all new, adam jones, chris davis and matt weeder also have a all new look when they step in to the batter's box. a new batting helmet developed will be standard issue for all teams this season. the players getting used to them right now. the helmets are supposed to better protect player's head from fast balls that get away from players like cc. i will never forgive him for hitting nick markakis. we will get him. you know that. thank you. >>> when it comes to head injuries, specifically concussions we have you covered head to toe. head to abc 2news slash concussion. we have dozens of storeys and graphics there to help you understand concussions and what's being done to prevent them. >> and one of t
Feb 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
, degraded. border patrol agents, reduced. fbi agents, furloughed. federal prosecutors, let criminals go. airport security, parents, flu vaccines, cancer screens, threat of these cuts not well thought through. not smart, not fair, people will lose their jobs. >> all right, let's bring in gloria borger, and ron bronstein. should spending cuts be delayed? 50% said yes, 40% said no. is there actual momentum, though, gloria, to delaying it and getting it to stop if it is so horrible? >> no, wolf, everyone i have talked to seems to pretty well say you know what? this is going to happen and that is because politically, everybody thinks it can work for them. that is because the president thinks he has everybody in a corner, politically, don't want to close tax loopholes on the wealthy. and the republicans said we raised taxes on the wealthy six or seven months ago, the public is with us. they want to seriously cut spending. no one wants to do it this way, but both sides think they have an advantage. >> this is across the board, the meat-cleaver cut is very stupid. and the president did call on
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
is dana perino. >> i had a question about the coordination between the local police the fbi and whoever else is involved. that was an amazing level of skill at that local level to be able to do that negotiation to keep that going for 7 days and to bring it to what sounds like a successful conclusion for the boy. >> it is indeed, dana. it has been the presence of virtually every branch of police that you can image being out here. you have the sheriff's office over the jurisdiction. you have neighboring municipalities providing police to the area, then you have alabama state law enforcement officials and then you have the fbi. so you had state, local and federal authorities out here on the scene in what appeared to be a well coordinated effort to bring this resolution, dana. >> can you tell us about what you know about the boy and do you have any indication of what his condition is or where he is right now? >> we don't know where he is right now. but law enforcement source saying that he is quote, okay. in general we were told he was a special needs student, that perhaps he suffered from
FOX News
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am EST
learned the fbi is actively looking into what senator robert menendez was doing in the dominican republic. we will tell you about what could happen to the senator if charges of underage prostitution are proved. later, monica crowley and alan colmes also weigh in on the political ramifications of the menendez story. those reports after these messages. >> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, there is federal law that says any american who travels to a foreign country for the purpose 'of engaging in any illicit sexual conduct with an underaged person can be charged with a crime here. if convicted the fellline could face 30 years in prison. with us now mark mukasey former federal prosecutor who has investigated so-called child sex tourism cases. there is an industry that does this stuff. thailand, right? that's a destination for this. they actually run tours, right? >> you are right. you are giving it a lot of credit by calling it an industry. it's actually a bunch of sick pervert twisted people. thankfully there are also dedicated law enforcement people. >> bill: what i'm saying it's an i
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 8:00pm PST
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FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
behind me remains very active crime scene. f.b.i. bomb technicians are scouring the area surrounding that bunker for any improvised explosive devices the suspect may have left behind before they allow authorities in to process the crime scene. although they have yet to confirm exactly how they did this, statements earlier by authorities suggest they were somehow able to get visual surveillance on the suspect. jimmy he dykes during the standoff. at some point he appeared agitated and holding a weapon and they feared the boy's life was in imminent danger so an f.b.i. team raided the bunker. authorities tell us the suspect is dead. his five-year-old hostage is free and physically unharmed. the boy was taken to a local hospital to get checked out as a precaution. his family is said to be overjoyed but friends said the mother has kept faith throughout the ordeal she would be reunited with her son held captive for seven days after the kidnapper fiancee fatally shot the bus driver when he resisted. a community while it is mourning the loss of that bus driver hero it's also celebrating the f
Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm PST
in u.s. history. he was number two on the fbi's most wanted list, behind only osama bin laden, and he remained on the lam for 16 years until he was finally captured in june of 2011, living with his girlfriend in a rent-controlled apartment in santa monica, california. joining us is dick lehrer who broke the story with the boston fbi as a reporter for "the boston globe," one of the formost experts, and author of a book, follow up to "black mass" which will be a movie starring johnny depp as whitey. thanks for being here, dick. i guess reading this book, one thing that jumps out at me, you have the whole story established in black mass about the aligns with the fbi and whitey and how the fbi basically let whitey become this notorious crime boss. but this is also a story about the failure of the political system over decades. you have whitey in federal prison for bank robbery in the late '50s, early '60s and there's the speaker of the house of the u.s. representatives, john mccormick, a guy from south boston. robert drinen, a congressman from massachusetts in the '70s as the dean of the
Feb 4, 2013 1:30am PST
managed by a special agent of the fbi. however they remain within the chain of command of the sfpd. the investigators report directly to the officer in charge of the special investigation division, lieutenant theresa gracie, and case review is conducted quarterly by a command level officer with the proper security clearance. the first quarterly review was in 2012 and the second was just two weeks ago. compliance. in 2012 sfpd members assigned to the jttf were in full compliance with the general order and operation's bureau order 2011 one-07 and with respect to the mou there were no issues relating to the mou in 2012. that concludes my annual report. do you have any questions? >> thank you chief. commissioners, any questions for the chief regarding the report? commissioner. >> yeah, i would just say we got positive feedback last night at the tazer meeting about the bureau order that the chief issued vis-a-vis making it clear that san francisco officers fall under the chain of the command of the chief and a reflection of san francisco values and i know you talked about the genera
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
veteran with the fbi and a the lead kidnapping negotiator. he is the managing director in a risk management firm that works with corporations. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> i felt like -- it didn't take a genius to say he was saying things in a particular way to fulfill a promise or begin the process of fulfilling a promise with the suspect. >> well, the sheriff did great job. he is clearly in charge of the situation down there, and he is taking cues from the subject matter experts he has got and is listening to them. so they're in the process of slowly resolving this, and just exactly like he said, they want to make mr. dykes feel like he can safely tell his story and he can safely come out. >> he has a story that is important to him. clearly our understanding of things he is quite antigovernment in almost all ways and now i guess you need to help him feel like he is getting his story out maybe in hopes of getting the child out? >> and that is exactly it. even though what he did when he came on the bus seemed very offensive in nature. everything he has done down there has been v
Feb 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
since last week. we know the fbi took over the investigation last week, and we know that they've been trying to figure out kind of the layout of dykes' property. now, the aerial surveillance, when an fbi team comes in like this, they obviously have different methods that they use to get a clearer picture of what exactly is going on. we were able to confirm with a federal law enforcement official that the small aerial aircraft that we've been seeing kind of circling the property in the morning, that that was a surveillance aircraft. so that's what we've been seeing the last few days, and again police have been very tight-lipped and haven't said exactly what they have been finding or what the location -- or what the layout of dykes' property has been. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. sorry -- you need to stay there, sorry, gabe. i wanted to ask you one more question concerning the bus driver. charles poland, who was laid to rest. he's being hailed as something of a hero because he was approached by the individual suspect and shot defending the other children on the bus. >> reporter
FOX News
Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
that she killed her ex told a jury about other relationships that had gone sorrow. number the two fbi has released pictures of the scene where eaghtsz eebleg rescued. newly discovered justice department memo makes a legal case for droning american citizens overseas without charging them with a crime. and that's "the fox report's" top five. >> and on this day in 19, the mayors of rome and cart thage, to your knowledge signed a peace treaty end ago war after more than 2100 years. beef began between the wars roman republic and north african empire. by many accounts at the time it may well have been the largest conflict the world had ever seen. it perhaps is best known for the famous military commander hand bell's attempt to ride elephants over the alps and conquer italy. the romans got the last laugh. they invaded cart thage, burned it down. covered the land in salt so no crops could grow. finally after two me lynn i can't, symbolic peace an ancient enemies hugged it out 28 years ago today. you never know. maybe on capitol hill and a couple of melinia they will be able to do something. >> bi
Feb 9, 2013 7:00am PST
out to be an undercover agent. the agent met with him seven times before the fbi says he attempted to set off the bomb early yesterday morning. we have the new details. >> reporter: on the phone former fbi counterintelligence says the fbi's ability to gain his trust likely saved lives. >> without the fbi assistance it would have gone off and killed somebody. >> reporter: a suicidal man and former marine who had been around guns since he was young. we obtained this picture of ak-47 rifle and three clips each loaded with 40 rounds. they found him parked in front of his home in 2011 of his father reported his son was hearing voices. he had bought the weapons legally in arizona but they're illegal in california. a judge sentenced him to six years but he served just one. attorney cameron bowman represented him at the time. >> ultimately, they felt -- outside experts felt he was bipolar, possibly schizophrenic. >> reporter: which calls into question, would llaneza have been able to pull this off without the fbi's help? he constructed the bomb with theunder cover agent. they constructed t
Feb 17, 2013 6:00am PST
to come on "today," i spent a day at the fbi academy training high-tech crime fighting. i got in on the real life crime sk scenarios for real life agents >>> i took a special class to find out what goes on under your hood. more after mees messages. earni, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. so i get claritin clear... ...for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my allergies... dust... ...mold... ...pets... ...and pollen. looks good. thanks. i live claritin clear. hers hey' 's is more than hers chocolate. it's an invitation. to stop and savor. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious. >>> good morning to you. and it is a foggy start to the day. would you believe this is palo alto? thanks for joining us. it was foggy enough that i missed the entrance to the station parking lot. >> that's not good. well, make yyou made it though. >>
Feb 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
martin. the fbi says a would-be bay area bank bomber was trying to trigger' civil war with help from the taliban. his target, a bank of america building in oakland. but kpix reporter linda yee tells us it didn't work because it was actually the feds who helped him build the bomb. >> reporter: the target was this bank of america branch near the oakland airport. domestic terrorist suspect matthew llaneza who lives in san jose told the fbi he wanted to blow it up an act of violent jihad he hope would create a government crackdown leading to civil war. so he met with a man that he thought was connected to the taliban and the mujahideen in afghanistan. it turned out he was an undercover fbi agent. the suspect brought the undercover agent here where they could do a little surveillance. the suspect pointed out some of the support beams where they could possibly park that car bomb and when it detonated, it would bring down this entire bank. and according to the criminal complaint, llaneza told the fbi agent he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded.
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm EST
the fbi. -- misbehavior inside the fbi. >> captioned by the national captioning institute >> the virginia general assembly is tackling a major overhaul. >> steven is monitoring the situation from the news room. >> this measure passed the state house with republicans split and democrats lined up solidly behind it. just moments ago, legislators adjourned to take up this measure on another date. >> a new way to pay for rundown roads -- for fixing rundown roads. the biggest difference, a tax on gas. wholesalers would get hit with a 3.5% tax. that should bring the price at the pump down by a nickel a gallon, but does anyone believe the savings will be passed to consumers? >> of course not. i don't think so. >> the new legislation directs more sales tax to roads. >> everything else is going up. what are you really saving? >> i don't think that is a fair shake. that is apples and oranges. >> it will cost you more to title a car and if you buy a hybrid, you have to pay a $100 fee. >> that is a disincentive for people to buy these cars. >> if the senate eventually gets
Feb 21, 2013 8:00pm PST
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FOX News
Feb 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
ahead, the factor has learned the fbi is actively looking into what senator robert menendez was doing in the dominican republic. we will tell you about what could happen to the senator if charges of underage prostitution are proved. later, monica crowley and alan colmes also weigh in on the political ramifications of the menendez story. those reports after these messages. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough josa trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now sav
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
to find out exactly what happened. >> we've also been watching pictures of what appeared to be fbi and law enforcement sort of high-fiving as if some kind of conclusion had actually happened. we're seeing pictures now. did you observe them? did you hear anything that they were saying? >> reporter: well, we are quite a long distance away. if you can see behind me. those pictures were taken from our camera position with a zoom pretty much all the way on. but that's the dirt road leading up to the bunker. right now it's jimmy dykes' property. we did see some law enforcement officials shaking hands and high-fiving. however, you know, that seems to suggest that there might be some sort of positive outcome here, but again we just don't know that at this point and we don't want to speculate on what exactly happened, but it does seem to suggest that it could be a positive outcome. again, we don't want to speculate. >> i need to report to you, gabe, that our justice correspondent pete williams is reporting that a law enforcement official says initial reports are that the kidnapper in alabama is dea
Feb 6, 2013 1:00am PST
. a bunker we're now learning that included two bombs. the fbi just released the photos. this is the bunker itself. the blue tent was added to preserve any evidence that may be underneath. now, as you can see, official vehicles surround the property. the sheriff's department, humvee, and in the background, a large armored vehicle. you can see the crime scene tape roping off a perimeter. this surrounded by sandbags is the pvc piping that leads into that bunker. negotiators used it to communicate at times with dykes. communications growing tenser and tenser, they say, until a decision was made to go in. so now this man, jimmy lee dykes, is dead, killed by an fbi team. his captive ethan -- we're withholding his last name -- is out of the hospital and said to be doing well. in a moment, what lies ahead for him. we'll talk with ed smart. he of course was lucky enough to be able to help his daughter elizabeth heal after being held captive for months. john walsh. "america's most wanted" is also going to join us. and we'll talk with the son of the heroic bus driver who died trying to stop the kidna
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
a civil war and fought about bank of america could be a good start fastaccording to the fbi the suspect wanted to start a civil war and felt like blowing up a bank was the first step in doing that. 28 year old matthew llaneza of san jose is who we are talking about. you can see this bank of america is just 4 floors. he drove an suv under that overpass last night, thought there was a bomb in there, and tried to detonate it. nothing happened though as the fbi was already involved in the case. vo as to why he picked this bank there are a couple of reason. f.b.i reports show that he wanted to blow up a bay area bank. his original thought was to blow up the federal reserve bank in san francisco but felt and oakland would be a good spot because it is often the center of protests. he was working with someone who he thought had taliban ties but it turns out that person is an undercover f.b.i agent. according to the complaint llaneza said he would dance exploded. the f.b.i made sure that didn't happen but did arrest llaneza. live. shock tonight among bay area residents. over this bombing attempt
Feb 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
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Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
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Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
of plotting to blow up bay area banks. a new question about his terror ties. >>> new at 11:00, is the fbi to blame? tonight there are growing questions about the foiled bomb plot in oakland last friday. a san jose man was arrested. the aclu is crying foul, saying undercover fbi agents suggest a plot and then see it through, something the suspect would never accomplish on his own. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from san jose this evening. terry, these are some serious charges against the fbi, right? >> reporter: they certainly are. tonight i got a chance to talk to michael german. he is the senior policy council for the aclu. he says the fbi does this so as to justify all the anti-terrorist activity inside that organization. and he says recently he has seen a dramatic spike in what he calls theatrical stings. last friday in oakland, matthew yaneza of san jose is arrested at a bank of america for allegedly trying to detonate a bomb he has put together with an undercover fbi agent posing as an accomplice. but tonight the aclu says more and more sting operations like this. it's not o
Feb 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
for this party. and they held it. his family, his friends, and the heroes. the team that saved him. the fbi agent who made the call to move in. >> approximately 3:12 this afternoon, fbi agents safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. >> reporter: for the first time, ethan's immediate family is talking. his older brother telling us how difficult it was for his mother not able to hug the boy who loved to be hugged. who loved to be tucked in at night. >> it was hard not to be able physically touch him, hug him, and really be there for him. >> reporter: the family telling me they knew little about the minute by minute surveillance of that bunker, about the crying for his mother, about the rare moments of joy negotiators could hear when the toys were passed into the bunker. just today aerial pictures, investigators digging around the bunker, sorting through the evidence. we learned every night the family would depend on that team, waiting for a text message when ethan would go to sleep. >> we did know when at times he was asleep. that was normally around 9:00 at night. >
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
is planning to gather at allan witt park in fairfield at 6:30. >>> the fbi says a bay area man was trying to trigger a civil war with help from the taliban. the plot hinged on the plan to blow up an oakland bank. what the suspect didn't know he was working with the feds the whole time. kpix reporter linda yee has the story the details. >> reporter: the target was this bank of america branch near the oakland airport. domestic terrorist suspect matthew llaneza who lives in san jose told the fbi he wanted to blow it up an act of violent jihad he hope would create a government crackdown leading to civil war. so met with a man he thought it was connected to the taliban and the mujahideen in afghanistan. it turned out he was an undercover fbi agent. the suspect brought the undercover agent here where they could do a little surveillance. the suspect pointed out some of the support beams where they could possibly park that car bomb and when it detonated, it would bring down this entire bank. and according to the criminal complaint, llaneza told the fbi agent h
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm EST
>> pelley: tonight, the alabama hostage crisis is over. the f.b.i. moves in on a gunman holding a five-year-old boy. mark strassmann is on the scene with the breaking news. where were you when the lights went out? millions were in front of their t.v.s. armen keteyian that has inside story of what went wrong at the super bowl. >> we lost lights. >> pelley: questions to the president. are you through raising tax rates? mr. obama makes news in his cbs interview. should scouting be open to gays? and byron pitts tells us how a killer once committed to a mental hospital got a permit by-to-buy 15 guns. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the f.b.i. has stormed an underground shelter today, shooting to death a kidnapper and freeing a five-year-old boy unharmed. the boy, whose first name is ethan, had been held for seven days outside midland city, alabama. the family allowed us to show you his picture. the police say that ethan was kidnapped last tuesday from a school bus by 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes who neighbors have
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
>> pelley: tonight bombs in the bunker. the f.b.i. finds explosives where a five-year-old was held in alabama. we've learnd what led the gunman to attack a school bus in search of hostages. mark strassman and john miller have the story. prosecutors accuse one of the most trusted names on wall street of a massive fraud. pension funds and others may have lost billions. anthony mason reports. the boy scouts prepare to vote on whether to end its ban on gays. john blackstone has the debate. and you've got to love todd love. the marine lost his legs and one arm but chip reid found that's when his life really got started. >> i feel like i can do anything i can put my mind to. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. hard to imagine what was going through the mind of jimmy lee dykes, but we are told tonight he had stored home-made bombs in his underground bunker where he held a five-year-old boy hostage. dykes was killed outside midland city alabama late yesterday when an f.b.i. assault team attacked the bunker on dykes' propert
Feb 3, 2013 2:00pm PST
)? our market preview ahead. >>> a former fbi assistant weighs in on the alabama hostage stand-off. how can a five-year-old boy be doing after six days in a bunker? we'll be back with that. >>> the stand-off continues in alabama between a man who is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage. the boy is being held in an underground bunker. this has gone on for six days now. the police are saying very little about their operation or demands the kidnapper may have made. you've been in these situations before. having to make these critical decisions in very tight time frame. what's going on there right now? >> well, the primary concern from day one in this has been to attempt to rescue that boy alive. and not have any harm come to him. unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult situations that i've seen in a long time. because any attempt to rescue that boy or take any kind of an action to get him out of there could result in him actually being killed. it's a very difficult situation with that bunker, in terms of the tactical plan to get in there and safely get him out. if they've considered i
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
has waited to hear for a week. >> plus the terrorism fbi sting stairs in bay area man in a plot to blow up the east bay bank. how he got caught explained. >> northeast white out. planes grounded. cars are banned and states of emergency being declared. tim's new look and declared. tim's new look and new outlook for next >> good evening i'm dan ashley. san jose man in custody for trying to blow up a bank of america branch in oakland near the airport. fbi tells us the man supports violent jihad and wanted to start some kind of civil war. it all unfolded at bank of america branch near the oakland international boulevar boulevard. mark matthews explains what happened. >> according to the fbi matthe matthew's first target was the federal reserve in san francisco. on december 7 he told the undercover agent the bank looked too secure. and instead they should plan to bomb the oakland branch of the bank of america on hagueen roa road. on december 23 as they drove to the bank the agent says he described how he wanted to place the car bomb unthe pillar of the bank in hope of brin
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Feb 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
to the hostage crisis in alabama happened late today when fbi agents stormed the underground bunker to rescue the a-year-old boy being held for the past seven days by an armed survivalist. investigators say they were forced to act out of serious concern where the suspect's mental state. they say they thought the child was in imminent danger as they put it. the accused kidnapper is now dead and a brave little 5-year-old boy is physically safe. we are still waiting to learn lots of details and we may during this hour but according to investigators jimmy dykes, this man on tuesday grabbed the boy off a bus full of children after killing the bus driver, retreated with the child to the bunker near his home. dykes according to police then held the child in the room no bigger than a jail cell 6 feet by 8 feet. by many accounts the suspect was a violent and paranoid man. the town's mayor says the boy was very scared and had been crying for his mother. then today negotiations started to go down hill. and this afternoon the fbi said law enforcement decided to end it all. >> at approximately 3:12 this a
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